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Six Feet Under Games is proud to support the community that supports us! We are frequently asked for donations for fundraising events, but we also like to offer our customers the ability to donate directly. Fundraisers that Six Feet Under Games is currently working with will be listed below along with the information for direct donations.

Save Against Fear - The Bodhana Group

The Bodhana Group is a 501c3 non-profit organization based in York, PA.  We have been incorporated since 2009.  We advocate for and utilize tabletop gaming, whether board or RPG for education, skill building and therapeutic use.  We offer groups for individuals and agencies with children, teens and adults with challenges including, but not limited to anxiety, depression, Autism Spectrum Disorders and other struggles like anger management or social skills.  We also offer training and consultations for professionals and agencies that wish to start therapeutic and applied use of gaming in their programming.  The Bodhana Group runs webinars for both professionals and the community with helpful tips and tricks on how to use gaming with intention.  

Your help allows us to extend our mission and vision out to more people as well as providing funds that allow us to run groups at low to no cost for those who will benefit the most from them.