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Event Details

Friday Night Magic - Wilds of Eldraine Booster Draft - J4EXW3V

When: Sep 29, 2023
From 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm
Where: Six Feet Under Games
5360 Lincoln Highway, Gap, PA 17527
Contact: (717) 351-0359
Details: Entry Fee is $25

Participants will receive three (3) Wilds of Eldraine Draft Booster Packs. They will be assigned pods where they will draft cards from the packs. Once drafting is completed, each player will build a deck consisting of at least 40 cards using only the cards they drafted and basic lands. Once playersare done deckbuilding, they will then play in a three (3) round Swiss-format tournament. Participants that complete the event will receive prizing consisting of Wilds of Eldraine draft pack(s) and promo card(s)