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Enter the Spudnet

Potato King had been saved from the deadlock of doom and the Potato Pirates crew were on the lookout for a new adventure. At the same time, the spudnet spread throughout the entire Carbobbean Sea, connecting all the ports, making it the preferred mode of delivering goods. Keen to explore the uncharterd territories of the Carbobbean Seas, the crew grew their shipping network and their fleets, winning the potato folk over with their spudtastic delivery service.

Competition soon went from stiff to ugly when other Potato Pirate fleets started their own spudnet delivery service, forming six fiercely competitive factions.

Now it is your task to monopolize the spudnet (and please Potato King). Set up your warehouses, dispatch ships and fulfill orders. Watch out for your competitors using their special abilities to get the upper hand or sabotage your fleet. After all, piracy never dies and crime always pays.