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Gather around the table and start pitching and voting on the best B-Movies ideas! With multiple rules variants, you can always adjust the game to your liking as you create movie scenarios. Everyone can play, you just need wild imagination! Is your script good enough to become a cult classic?

With its unique art style and gameplay, B-Movies will gather around the table players and non players. Everyone at the table will have fun pitching and judging on the best B-Movies.

No dull moment with more than a hundred cards with unique and deeply thematic artwork! From Ghost Piranhas in Space to Time Travelling Brain Collectors, create your very own B-Movie scenario. Only one rule: be creative!

Key Points:
- A party game everyone can have fun with.
- Unique theme and artwork which takes you deep into the heart of B-Movies.
- You're in the directors chair!

How to play:
- 3 players: 5 rounds
- 4 players: 4 rounds
- 5+ players: 3 rounds

During a player's turn, they are a Screenwriter, using the cards in their hand (2-4 cards) to pitch a movie idea to all of the other players, who are called Producers. The player have to come up with a title for the movie they are pitching and convinced the other players to produce the movie.

Now, the Producers individually decide whether to vote for the movie to be made or to vote against it being made by putting a Vote card (yes, yes!, no) facedown. Once all Producers have revealed their Vote cards the votes are tallied. Here are the possible results:

- No: If there are No votes greater than the number of Yes votes, the movie is not made. The Screenwriter discards all of the cards in the movie. All players that voted No now draw 1 Popcorn each and place it facedown in their play area.

- Yes(Yes! Tokens count as 1 Yes vote): If there are Yes votes greater than or equal to the number of No votes the movie is being produced! The Screenwriter gathers up all of the title cards in their movie and places them in order in a pile in front of them, making sure to keep it separate from their other movies. All Producers that revealed a Yes
Vote card, now draw 1 Popcorn token and place it facedown in front of them. All Producers that revealed a Yes! Vote card, now draw 1 Popcorn token for each Title card in the Screenwriter’s movie pitch.

Regardless of the outcome of the vote, all players that voted Yes! remove their Vote card from the game. All other players return their Vote cards to their play area facedown.

Final Cut (end of the game):
All players now total their final score. Players turn all of their Popcorn tokens faceup, gain points equal to the sum of their Popcorn tokens and also gain 1 point for each card in their movies that were made. The player with the most points wins!