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Adventures in Middle Earth Bree-land Region Guide

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If you’re all going to meet in an inn, you may as well do it properly. Many a famous adventure has begun in The Prancing Pony, the legendary inn that stands in the middle of Bree. It was here that Gandalf the Grey met Thorin Oakenshield, and here too that Frodo first met Strider. Bree is a little island of civilisation out in the Wild, a town that survives only by the valour of those brave heroes who stand watch over it.

The Bree-land Region Guide takes Adventures in Middle-earth west of Rivendell, beyond the Trollshaws and on past the gaze of Weathertop to where the great East Road meets the Greenway. As well as describing the Bree-land and the folk who dwell there, the supplement also contains three complete adventures.