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Web of the Spider Queen

Beware the Darkness Below

Long past are the days when the drow ruled over Shadowdale from the Twisted Tower -- or are they? Beneath the sleepy farming community, an old evil stirs. The drow and their foul Underdark minions have set eye on the Dalelands, but to what end is anyone's guess. Now, it's up to an unlikely band of adventurers to defend Shadowdale from the drow threat and learn what Lolth and her villainous followers are up to. Success means a respire from danger. Failure could doom the surface world.

Web of the Spider Queen is a Dungeons & Dragons adventure designed for the spring 2012 season of the DDEN - D&D Encounters official play program. This season incorporates character options from Into the Unknown: The Dungeon Survival Handbook, and it comes with three full-color battle maps, thirteen ready-to-play encounters, and information on the DDEN - D&D Encounters program.