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Book of Madness

Condition is VG

The Darkness has Teeth

Beyond the Horizon, dark forces claw at the edges of sanity, battering at the fabric of reality, seeking final night:

  • Nephandi, the Corrupters
  • Marauders, the Foot-Soldiers of Chaos
  • Demons, the Renders of Souls
  • Paradox Spirits, the Mage's Bane
  • Umbrood, the Living Mysteries


What are they? Why are they? Can we stand against them all? And what if we cannot?
...And It Hungers!

The Book of Madness is a bestiary for Mage: The Ascension, exploring the darker reaches of magick's touch. It includes:

  • Details about a mage's deadliest foes;
  • Dozens of mystic creatures from the Dark Side;
  • Storyteller hints, cosmology, and more.