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Shades of Gray

"Shades of Gray" is the 3rd book in the six-book series of Orpheus. It consists of:

- Prelude with a few Orpheus characters
- Introduction explains what happened in book 2 in a few paragraphs, how to further implement the movie model of the series and recommends some movies.
- Chapter 1 is a storyteller only chapter. Players shouldn't read it. It holds quite a few information about spectres and pigment.
- Chapter 2 is devoted to the forces that the characters are likely to meet.
- Chapter 3 introduces the new Phantasm shade, merits, flaws and horrors.
- Chapter 4 is also a storyteller chapter and lays out latest plot twists in the series and has some missions to get started with the new material.

There's also a small errata section for the core book.