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Crusade of Ashes

Crusade of Ashes is the 2nd book in six book series and consists of:

- A fine written prologue (as in all White Wolf books) in which a few of the characters from the core book appear.
- An Introduction which explains how to use the book, the theme and recommends some movies for Orpheus stories
- Chapter 1 is a chapter for storytellers. Players shouldn't read it because it explains the further plot.
- Chapter 2 gives advice for players how to play characters in hiding from government or others.
- Chapter 3 contains information to make Orpheus characters more interesting and playable. An extensive section with new merits and flaws as well as artifacts (and a guide on how to build them) help along
- Chapter 4 is a storyteller chapter with new missions, NPCs and handouts for the players to intensify the setting.