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We are excited to announce that we are expanding!!!

April 2023 we will be moving into a huge 7,100 sq ft space!
We have lots of work to get it ready and we will be posting progress starting early next year.
The store will have expanded play space and expanded retail space and will be opening May 1, 2023 in Gap, PA at the intersection of Routes 30 & 41!

With the addition of all of the retail space, we are hiring multiple part-time employees.
If you are interested in applying for one of the part-time positions before we relocate, please send or drop off a resume.
We are willing to hire and train in our current location.

We are looking forward to being able to better serve your gaming needs!


Construction has begun! This bathroom is being expanded before an additional bathroom is built next to it. These bathrooms are adjacent to the play space for the convenience of players!
Bathroom with fixtures, wall and part of floor removed.

Construction is moving along! The existing bathroom has been expanded and updated. The new bathroom is completed. The architect said that due to the size of the store we needed some additional items. We have gotten the two drinking fountains installed that are required and the mop sink installed. The drinking fountains are at the bathrooms near the play space. The mop sink is in the stock room. 

In a month, we will be having the electrician in to update the lighting and install more outlets. We will begin getting the walls prepped to be painted. Once the electrician is done with all of their work, we will be installing the fixtures in the stockroom and getting the painting done! There will be pictures posted as progress is made!

New bathroom sinkNew bathroom toilet and handicap rails.Remodeled bathroom sinkRemodeled bathroom toilet and handicap rails.Drinking fountains outside the bathrooms.Mop sink in stockroom.
I apologize for not updating recently so here is a big batch of photos showing the progress that has been made. The store is completely painted. With the help of some awesome guys, we got cables run and ready for TVs. Signs for the emergency exits and bathrooms are mounted. Changing tables are now in both public bathrooms. We hung a large first aid kit in the stock room. There is a wall scroll with the store rules hung near the bathrooms and a tapestry hung in the board game library. We emptied the storage unit into the stockroom with the help of a bunch of awesome people. We organized everything and began to setup the fixtures in the stockroom. The next project is the floors getting cleaned and prepped and then carpet and wood flooring installed!
Light gray painted wallsLight gray painted walls with HDMI cables hanging down for TVs.Changing table mounted in public bathroom number oneChanging table mounted in public bathroom number twoFirst Aid kit mounted inside stockroomWall scroll with store rules hung near the public bathroomsTapestry hung in board game library and emergency exit sign mountedEmergency exit signs posted at doorsExtra chairs from storage stacked in stockroomShelving and displays for conventions organized in corner of stockroomFixture parts organized in stockroom before assemblyFixtures setup on stockroom wallMore fixtures mounted on the walls of the stockroom
LVP installed at the front doorLVP installed along the back wall of the storeThe wood flooring is installed! Next week the carpet will be installed. New fixtures will begin arriving g soon. There are 30 days until the store in New Holland closes and 45 days until the new, larger store opens in Gap!

We started receiving new fixtures!

Glass display case with four glass shelvesBlack Kallax on wood floor that will be behind the counterBlack Kallax on left side of board game libraryBlack Kallax on back wall of board game libraryBlack Kallax on right wall of board game library
We started to move backstock from New Holland to the new store's stockroom!

Stacks of Games Workshop product on a shelf in the stockroomProduct on shelves of wall units in stockroomProduct on shelves of wall units in stockroom
There was lots done this week! Next week we will start doing more frequent updates as we get everything moved to Gap.

Three Games Workshop shelving unitsGamer meet up boardTwo Kallax filled with board game library gamesTwo Kallax filled with board game library gamesA Kallax with games for the board game libraryVinyl store logo and hours on the front doorsVinyl window coverings with images of productVinyl window coverings showing games being playedSign announcing opening day
Tables folded and stacks of chairsEmpty roleplaying shelves at front of storeEmpty war gaming tables and boxesEmpty shelves and chairs stacked to moveEmpty space where Games Workshop shelves had beenEmpty roleplaying shelves at the back of the storeEmpty shelves in the wall unitsFront counter with empty displays We got lots on packing done tonight! The movers come on Thursday!

Store front
Stone & Metal Dice Display Case FrontStone & Metal Dice Display Case BackEarrings displayPins DisplayDice Display number 1Dice Display number 2 with D100sSquishables displaysKeychain stuffies and mystery dice packs
New Release endcap facing the front door
Board Game Library
Roleplaying Games display number 1
Roleplaying Games display number 2
Roleplaying Games display number 3
Roleplaying Games display number 4
Roleplaying Games display number 5
Roleplaying Games display number 6
Roleplaying Games display number 7
Roleplaying Games display number 8
Roleplaying aisle
Play space
Miniatures table set up
Miniatures table set up
Miniatures table set up
Miniatures table set up
Playmat displays
Family Games section 1
Family Games section 2
Used Games section
Used Games section
Boxed MiniaturesMiniatures and Roleplaying aisle
Exploration Games SectionExploration Games SectionBoxed Pre-Painted MiniaturesHeroClix SectionPaizo Roleplaying Maps and CardsUnpainted and Blind miniatures packsDice BagsUnpainted TiamatCard Games Section 1Card Games Section 2Card Games Section 3Card Game Section number 4Counter section 1Counter section 2Ultimate Guard and Enhance accessoriesGameGenic AccessoriesUltra Pro and Dragon Shields AccessoriesUltra Pro AccessoriesPokemon, Magic and KeyForgeEconomic Games SectionsAbstract Strategy, Train, Educational, and Racing Games
If you would like to see the rest, please stop in!